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Therapy Notes Hub.

A secret place on the internet where a therapist shares her secret weapons, between us friends.

Therapy Notes:

Get out of your head and in tune
with your body in 5-4-3-2-1..

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Gratitude Growth Affirmations.png

Learn how your inner-voice should have sounded all along.

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Copy of Stuck to Empowered - Mood Shift Worksheet.png

Are your own thoughts keeping you stuck?

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30-Day Self-Worth Booster Journal.png

Ready for a worth-while challenge?

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Untitled design (6)_edited.jpg

Basically, Anxiety 101

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Productivity and priorities worksheet.png

Do more of what matters.

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Boundaries Journal.png

Stop trying to pour from an empty cup.  Fill your cup first, so you can help fill others.

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Growth Mindset Cheat Sheet.png

From scarcity to abundance: Release the limiting mindset the keeps you stuck, and learn how to stop thinking small and live abundantly

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